Flower Share

Flower Shares are our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. Shares are for sale during the colder months of the year when the farm has little to no income. We offer a few different options from spring through early fall. Shareholders will pick up a weekly or biweekly bouquet of seasonal flowers.

The investment that shareholders make before the season starts allows the farm to purchase seeds, seed starting materials, compost, and other essentials we need for lots of behind the scenes work before flowers start to bloom. This ensures that our season gets off to a great start and sets us up for success. They accept some risk with us – as an agricultural product, drought, crop failure, pests are all very real threats to our flowers – but also get to share in the bounty when our healthy plants are churning out blooms.

Because of this, our shareholders are our most treasured customers. Our commitment is to you, first, before any popup shops or events. We make every effort to get you the best quality flowers and make sure you know how much we value you!

A Flower Share is a great option for anyone that lives in the Dover area. We do not ship or deliver our flowers, so our customers must be able to pick up bouquets locally. A friend or partner can always pick up for you, or you can choose to have your bouquet donated. We try to choose nonprofits or elderly folks in the community who can’t get out much. If you’ve purchased a share and you truly won’t be able to make the pickup time selected for the share period, please contact us and we’ll figure out a plan together. 

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