Flower Care

Most flowers have a vase life of 5-7 days. This can be dramatically affected by a few factors and proper care. Did you put your flowers in a super hot room for a couple days? Oh no! They won’t last very long. If the flowers run out of water, even just for a little while, they’ll wilt about a day earlier than normal. There are a few simple things you can do to help your flowers look their best for longer.

Trim ends with sharp scissors

If the ends of stems are exposed to air or sit in water for more than a day or two, they can dry out or get clogged, which can affect their ability to uptake water and stay hydrated. Using sharp scissors or clippers is important; dull blades can crush stems so the flowers will have difficulty pulling up water.

Change water every day

As stems sit in water, bacteria can grow in the container. Bacteria can clog the stems. Changing the water every day or two prevents bacterial growth. The water and the container should be clean enough to drink.

Avoid direct sunLight

Heat, ripening fruit and direct sunlight will shorten the vase life. When flowers are outside, sunlight and warmth encourage the blooms to mature. The same thing happens inside! To increase vase life, keep out of bright windows or very warm rooms. Ripening fruit produces enzymes that forces the flowers to open and wilt faster.

Remove fading flowers

Some flowers have a shorter vase life than others. Once a flower wilts and drops petals, the stem starts to rot and produce bacteria which will clog the stems of your longer lasting flowers. Remove old flowers from your arrangement to improve vase life.

Always keep flowers in water

If you buy flowers and then run some errands while they sit out of water in your car for three hours, they might not last as long as you were hoping for. When we cut flowers from a living plant, we take away their water source, so it’s vital to keep the stems in water as much as possible. Make sure your container has plenty of water and won’t run out.


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